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Fojnica MILK

“You Can Taste It in the Cheese”

Fojnica MILK
Fojnica, Central Bosnia Canton, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fojnica MILK, a regional cheesemaker, represents the modern partnership between the cultural and natural legacies of Central Bosnia.

The Fojnica region is known for its healing thermal mineral waters and having a clean and natural environment. The local cows supplying the milk are raised on local grasses and water – and without industrial farming substances. With this natural and locally flavored milk, Fojnica Milk produces traditional cheeses with a preservative-free freshness that can only be supplied in the nearby region.

Nermin Omanovic started the dairy to combine two of his passions, the nearby environment, and his parent’s cheese-making heritage. The region is tucked away between mountain ranges, offering invigorating hikes with inspirational views and an opportunity to connect with the elements of air, land, and water. Family farms are dotted throughout the area, offering fresh milk, meats, and produce.

In a sense, Fojnica MILK puts the experience of their region into their products! Using the latest equipment, Nermin’s team can still use the traditional cheesemaking process but, unlike his parent’s generation, they can scale up production – so their cheeses and dairy products can be sold in stores and distributed to restaurants. Of course, by not including preservatives, his fresh cheeses must be eaten soon. So, their products cannot be distributed further than their truck can drive in a few hours. It is a BiH product that can only be enjoyed in the country.


This is about maintaining a regional food heritage, and a superior tasting cheese, in the 21st century. Fojnica MILK cherishes and preserves the environment and local food culture. You can taste the difference of cheese made with fresh and natural local milk. What used to be traditionally made in the home is now produced to a slightly larger scale and can be sold in stores, without compromising quality. And, without preservatives and additives, the cheeses are only sold within a reasonable driving distance.


The facility has strict health regulations, so it is not set up for visits. However, the region is delightful, and, if you visit, you will leave enthused about preserving pollution-free natural environments. So, enjoy the region with its hiking and biking opportunities, or drive-through and soak in the rural natural lifestyle.


You can buy their cheeses and dairy products online at https://fojnicamilk.ba/ – and, look for their cheese in stores. Even better, ask your local store to carry their cheeses and dairy products.

All of their cheeses are made with milk from local cows. They offer fresh kajmak (cream) cheese in a salty and sweet version; fresh white cheese made “in the traditional way” that comes plain, or with garlic or with chili; and, oak-smoked smoked plain cheese, or with garlic or with chili.

They also offer yogurt and cottage cheese.

Top 100 Rural Gastro Tourism Sites:

At Rekreativni Centar Brusnica (www.brusnica.ba) on Mt. Vranica, enjoy winter sports in a sports resort and stay in apartments or cottages. In Fojnica,

In Fojnica, enjoy warm hospitality and an experience in a farm stay at Seosko Domacinstvo EKO IVA (Rural Household Eko Iva). https://goo.gl/maps/viBZ6HyERP7cQfeB8


Marvel at the cascading 20m Slapove Kozice (Kozice Waterfalls), about 10 km from Fojnica. Nearby is Kiseljak, home of the mineral bottles water. In Fojnica, the Holy Spirit Franciscan Monastery Fojnica is known for its library of books from before the year 1500.

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