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Seoski Turizam Žiličina – Countryside Tourism Žiličina

Everyone Feels Welcome

Seoski Turizam Žiličina  – Countryside Tourism Žiličina

Ziličina, Republika Srpska (Eastern Side), Bosnia and Herzegovina


Max the dog offers a friendly greeting to visitors at Seoski Turizm Žiličina.  And a friendly-enough cow roams the football field, keeping it well-groomed in anticipation of guests who want to play.


This warm welcome represents the spirit of this rustic haven.  It is a place for everyone to be treated as extended family.  This included getting to eat the traditional cooking from the mother of Slobodan Brkić, who built Seoski Turizam Žiličina.  Guests can enjoy outdoor activities, ranging from hiking and biking paths to sports fields.  There are areas to stroll, explore back and forth across small wooden bridges over a tree-lined stream, and walk around an extensive vegetable garden.


A central wooden building, constructed in a traditional style, includes cozy indoor dining and a bar, restrooms, and the kitchen.  For the warm months, the highlight is sitting outside with friends under shaded wooden shelters, enjoying drinks and food.  There is even a clever treehouse with wooden chairs and a table overlooking the stream.


The retreat, located in the vicinity of Rogatica, in the eastern side of Republika Srpska was Slobodan’s dream.  He was inspired by his childhood when villagers gathered at a local beach to enjoy the seasons as a community.  He wanted to create a similar place.  In 2004, he first cleared the land and started with a small shack and a place for guests to barbeque and a grassy clearing for sports.


Today, Seoski Turizam Ziličina is a gathering place for people throughout the region, and often in summertime enjoyed by Serbian travelers stopping for a meal on their drive to or from the Adriatic coast.  But it is also a gathering place for people in the nearby villages.  There is ample space to have parties, and equally appropriate for team-building retreats.  For some evenings they offer special meals and live popular and folk music.


Seoski Turizam Žiličina is located along the northern “green trail” of the internationally known Via Dinarica (www.viadinarica.com), a series of east-west long-distance hiking trails along the Dinaric Alps, from Slovenia to Albania.  The trail includes local overnight hospitality, including a few cabins available for rent (by anyone) at Seoski Turizam Žiličina!


The retreat offers an authentic countryside experience, including the wooden architecture, the materials used and building techniques, as well as using local produce including many of their own vegetables and dairy products.


Of course, ultimately, it is the spirit of hospitality and a natural lifestyle and fresh air that draws people.


WHAT MAKES THIS SPECIAL: The hospitality and open natural space to reconnect with nature. Kids can roam free and explore and shout.  Adults can enjoy conversations with friends, and great food and drinks. It is an all-in-one destination for a day or overnight.


IF YOU VISIT: Consider staying overnight in a cabin and getting to enjoy a night surrounded by nature (book ahead).  Maybe bring some friends and pack some games or plan to get moving with sports equipment or mountain bikes.  There is ample space to plan a corporate retreat, or a big get-together.  You can rent the barbeque space to cook yourself or plan a full-service catered menu.

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